Small Speed Boat Tours of London

Beat the cut-throat wind with exciting Speed Boat Tours of London along the monumental River Thames. These high-speed tours are one of the most stirring ways to explore the capital. Simply opt one of the finest London speedboat tours from below and embark on your action-packed journey through the waterway.

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London RIB Voyages:

London RIB Voyages are great to see London’s iconic landmarks whilst whizzing along the River Thames in comfy RIB boats. These genuine London speed boat rides are suitable for all the ages and give a fast-moving experience each time. Super, faster voyages use the avant-garde speedboats that go to the next with a speed up to 35 knots. These adrenalin-fuelled tours provide voyagers a plethora of speedboat adventures. In addition, their few award-winning comedians entertain you throughout the cruise.

Thames RIB Experience:

A one-of-a-kind, high-powered boat ride through the heart of the capital, Thames Rib Experience is a unique way to experience the sounds and sights of the world’s preeminent metropolis. Start off your hour long expedition in any of their elegant, futuristic RIB boats and enjoy the exquisite views of the city. Their daily guided tours cover most of the popular attractions in the capital.


London River Cruises:

A spellbinding river boat in cruise along the historic Thames provides an exclusive view of London. Explore some of the city’s highly sought-after locations from the water, including the Tower of London, Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge and the London Eye.
Dinner Cruises on the River Thames:

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Amazing food, sheer entertainment and spectacular views, a London river cruise offers all this at one place during an incredible voyage. Plush cruise moves across some of the city’s most coveted sights, including Tate Modern, the London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, Millennium Bridge and Tower Bridge.

Glass Riverboats and Outdoor Dining:

Bateaux London’s freshly revamped Naticia provides panoramic views of the metropolis. Cruise and dine in style in Naticia’s highly sumptuous surroundings and explore all the capital’s finest sights in your enthralling journey. Your cruise on the River Thames becomes exciting with heaps of classy facilities like a bar, small lounge area, cloakroom area and washroom.

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Why The Swan Paddle Boat Is Unquestionably A Great Attraction For Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are one of the most liked entertainment opportunities. Lots of people are thrilled to enjoy time in such parks, either because of their children or even in sets of friends. This fascination for parks explains their relatively large number across the country. As soon as the park includes a lake, also, the volume of visitors is even higher. People enjoy water and they also try to be around it with every opportunity they already have. For this reason a pond or a lake in the center of an amusement park is a real gold mine for your owner from the establishment.

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When there is a lake, it makes sense make it possible for park website visitors to make the most of it. You should offer them boats, to enable them to explore the lake while having a great time, taking photos and enjoying the sun and also the natural landscape. Paddle boats would be the typical vehicles visitors can rent to explore the lake in the official website Whilst they are a good idea, these boats can quickly become boring, in the event the park owner doesn’t take into consideration methods of making them more appealing.

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A great technique to create this attraction better is simply by selecting the swan paddle boat rather than the classic one. The scene of the lake loaded with huge swans powered by people will almost certainly attract a great deal of photographers and regular visitors alike. Each one of these visitors are likely to want to take photos of themselves in swan paddle boats or photos of the lake packed with these huge mechanic birds. They are going to post these photos on their own Facebook pages, on the Instagram accounts, on Pinterest and so on many other social networking sites. This will work for the awareness of your theme park, as more people are going to discover more on it. Perhaps they are likely to require a photo using the swan boats themselves, hence they will come just for that. For even more fun, you are able to choose both white and black swans.

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This is how a tiny detail can create a massive difference. By just replacing common boats with swan paddle ones, you may change the overall look in the lake and increase its appeal. Visitors of every age group will certainly enjoy not doing anything but sitting there, in the lake shore, to watch the swans. Others will rent a boat and do a little exercise whilst relaxing in the midst of the nature. Children will certainly love these boats, so they will ask their parents for taking them for the ride on the back of an enormous swan.

All of these make swan paddle boats like  this kind of great attraction for virtually any theme park. Besides, if you currently have a lake and you wish to offer boat rentals, why not make everything more entertaining and judge the swan-shaped ones? Your potential customers are likely to enjoy them, you are going to find more exposure in social websites without paying for doing it, so that you should give this opportunity a critical thought.